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Cairo Egypt and Siwa Oasis Tour
Zahra Zuhair's Magical Mystical Egypt Tour 2020, is a cultural immersion and dance study tour to Cairo Egypt, and Siwa Oasis in the Western Egyptian Desert. Limited spaces available.

The land package is based on double occupancy (per person) which includes lodging for the full length of the tour with breakfast and one other main meal (lunch or dinner depending on our schedule that day), transportation in Cairo and Siwa with professional tour guides, and much more! We will begin our adventure in Cairo, at Yasmina's Bellydance Bed and Breakfast, located in Giza near the Pyramids. We will have all the charm and "real world" experience of living in an Egyptian neighborhood, with a touch of Western reassurance by our lovely hostess, Yasmina. We will have access to laundry at Yasmina's as well as free wifi, and free use of her adorable dance studio.

Siwa is a serene and magical experience like no other. We will begin at the charming, yet rustic, Kenooz Shali Lodge for 3 nights, then on to the 5 Star Taziry Eco-Lodge for another 2 nights. Be prepared for candlelight only in our rooms, as there is no electricity at the Taziry Eco-Lodge! It is indeed a 5 star hotel, with solar powered business office and chef's kitchen where our fabulous, sumptuous feasts will be prepared, as we dine by candlelight under the stars. No wonder it is famous for being a honeymoon hideaway, visited by people from around the world. Don't worry! You can charge your electronic devices in the business office and stay connected to your loved ones at home!

Airfare is not included in the price, but no worries for inexperienced travelers. For those signed up for the tour, we will keep in touch on airfares and flights so we all book our flights and arrive close to the same time (or on the same flight). You will be well taken care of!! Zahra will also give advice on everything you need to know for your trip, from how to pack - to how to budget your money and more! ***Please note, in order to arrive in Cairo on October 18, departure from the US will be on the 17th, as we will lose one day.

Included In Price:
1. Airport Transfers (for the group)
2. Yasmina's B&B (with home cooking by our cook, Hallah,

which includes continental breakfast + one main meal)
3. One (1) evening out to see a bellyancer
4. One (1) dance workshop
5. Shopping at the famous medieval, Khan El Khalili Bazaar
7. Tannoura show (whirling dervish)
8. Full day sightseeing to Pyramids and Cairo Museum
9. Zaar show
10. Felluca (sailboat) ride on the Nile
11. Visits to top costume designers
12. A truly special excursion to the Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert

(full day drive) which includes 5 nights hotel stay with breakfast and dinner

(lunch on your own, but very cheap in Siwa)! Includes transportation

from Cairo and return trip, sightseeing with a professional tour guide!

Visits to the Oracle of Amun Ra (famously visited by Alexander The Great),

Cleopatra's Pool, The Old City, and a special desert safari by 4 wheel drive

to enjoy the dunes, cold water lake and natural hot springs (Bring your bathing suit!).

In Taziry, we will be pampered with five star Moroccan cuisine by candle light

under the stars ...heaven!

*Optional Activities: private classes, workshops and bellydance shows (in Cairo) can be arranged, camel rides, professional photo shoot opportunities with Yasmina in Cairo/Siwa, and more!



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